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Milowen General Contracting was founded in 2007 when Drew McCullough and Jeremy Barnett decided to bring their respective businesses together. Since then, the company has been able to grow and offer products and services that they never could before. But while we know how important quality products and craftsmanship are to the Ottawa homeowners we work with, what's a bigger priority to us is providing excellent customer service—and current and past customers will attest to the fact that Milowen General Contracting delivers on that priority.

Ottawa Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

Your kitchen naturally becomes a focal point of your home. Most homeowners spend the majority of their time at home in the kitchen, so making sure that's it a comfortable, attractive space is very important. Kitchen Renovations will raise your home's resale value, and they'll make your entire home a more enjoyable and more comfortable place for you and your family.

When you hire our experts, we'll work with you directly to design your kitchen renovation, and we'll do whatever it takes to ensure that the changes to your kitchen are perfect for your family and your home.

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Our professionals will work with you directly to design any renovations you need for your home so that we can always guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work. We know that your home is one of the biggest and most important investments you'll make in your life, so any renovations need to be absolutely perfect for you and your family.

Ottawa Renovation Contractor

Bathroom Renovations

Your bathrooms need to be comfortable, relaxing, and inviting parts of your home, but they often turn into sources of frustration. Whether you have problems with old and worn out plumbing fixtures, inadequate ventilation, or unattractive walls or flooring, our Ottawa renovation professionals will determine your exact goals for a bathroom renovation project and help you transform the space into the perfect bathroom for your home. Whether you're just looking to replace a few fixtures or you're rebuilding your bathroom from the ground up, you can trust the professionals at Milowen General Contracting.

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Whether you need basic renovations for bathroom, extensive renovations for a kitchen, or even assistance with a new construction, our professionals will be ready and eager to provide you with the best possible workmanship and service.

Our professional renovators will provide you with excellent craftsmanship and ensure that you're getting high quality professional customer service as well.

Basement Remodeling

Basement Renovations

Install a bar, put in a new home theater, or renovate the space to be a brand new home office—no matter what sort of room you'd like to add to your home, using the space you already have in your basement can be your best option.

The potential that basements have is often wasted. But even if your home's basement is currently a cluttered "storage space," it can easily become one of the most valued and frequently used parts of your home. Our Ottawa renovation professionals will work with you to renovate your basement and transform into a part of your home that you won't know how you lived without.

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Why Choose Milowen

When you need any renovation work for your Ottawa home, Milowen General Contracting can offer you the absolute best services you'll find in the industry. We work with every one of clients directly to design the renovations they need, and we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service. While we have a team of renovation experts on staff, we know that you're the only expert when it comes to your home, and you're our most valuable resource when it comes to providing you with renovations that you're completely satisfied with.

Our Ottawa Renovation professionals have years of experience and training, so we'll be able to give you quality craftsmanship at every job. We only use high quality materials, and we do whatever it takes to make sure that your new renovations are a perfect addition to your home. No matter what the size or scope of the job is, we'll always be ready and eager to complete it on time, within your budget, and in a fashion that you're completely satisfied with.

If you're looking for a professional Ottawa renovation contractor, call Milowen General Contracting at 613-742-0800, or fill out our online request form.

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  • Your bathroom is one of those rooms that you’ll spend more time in than many other rooms, so you need to make sure it’s a pleasant place to spend all of that time. Doing this requires focusing on the look of your bathroom.

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