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Manotick Bathroom RenovationsA room is not a room unless you're happy with it. The Manotick renovation contractors at Milowen General Contractor can deliver the type of room you want. We design and renovate bathrooms and kitchens to look their best as we can replace the plumbing and appliances depending on what you're looking for.

Replacement flooring and windows are a large part of a renovation. You're re-doing the rooms so why not do them right? We can add the best types of hardwood flooring that is able to take on lots of foot traffic which cuts down on wear and tear.

Your windows are the same. Single pane windows are normally placed in homes during new construction. It is up to you to have better ones installed as they can insulate your home better than it has.

We give our customers options. Choices make people happy as windows and flooring comes in so many different options. Call today and set up a consultation to meet with our design team for a better fit for your home.

Manotick Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen counter tops are a large part of a kitchen remodel. Depending on what type you want, they will look great and last a lifetime. Manotick renovation contractors offer tips on preserving them as they come in the following styles:

  • Granite – A highly expensive type of stone, Granite will make your kitchen look elegant.
  • Stone – Mostly composed of Quarts, stone is scratch resistant.
  • Solid – Scratches can be sanded out of this type of counter top due to being a solid color.
  • Ceramic – Very durable and simple to clean. Ceramic is ranges in price.
  • Laminate – This is one of the least expensive options for counter tops. Laminate is made to take on the look of granite or real wood.

Manotick Bathroom Renovations

Remodeling the bathroom can be so discouraging as there is lots to think about. Considerations must be made before the construction starts because once it’s started, you can’t reverse it.

Considerations for the bathroom remodel:

  • The budget – Assign yourself a budget. You may not have to take a second loan out on the home.
  • Design – Come up with your own design as it will save you time and money. Some companies have in-house designers.
  • Tone – Paint can change the mood of your walls very quickly. All you need is a gallon or two of paint. It’s the most affordable way to renovate.
  • Plumbing – Your plumbing may need to me moved. We can move your plumbing accordingly.

Call our Manotick renovation contractors today and have the rooms that you have always wanted. We will make the magic happen in the home.

Manotick, ON

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