Best Tile Options for Your Ottawa Bathroom

Bathroom TilesYour bathroom is one of those rooms that you’ll spend more time in than many other rooms, so you need to make sure it’s a pleasant place to spend all of that time. Doing this requires focusing on the look of your bathroom.

As you try to find the best look for your Ottawa home’s bathroom, you need to look for the best tile flooring for it. After all, the right tile can go a long way toward making your bathroom look and function its best. Need some ideas for tile? No problem: Just read on, and we’ll throw you some suggestions!


If you’re shopping for your new bathroom tile with a tight budget, you need to look no further than vinyl tile. An affordable option, vinyl will provide a solid flooring option without breaking the bank. On top of its affordability, vinyl is noted for its variety of beautiful design options, which make it a great choice if you want to make your bathroom beautiful on a budget.


Like vinyl, ceramic tile offers homeowners a wide array of design options to choose from. Unlike vinyl, ceramic does err on the more expensive sign, so it may not be the best option for the budget-conscious homeowner. However, it does justify its price tag with its excellent longevity and scratch resistance.

Glass Tile

While glass tile may not offer the virtually unlimited style options that the previous options do, the look it offers is absolutely stunning and inimitable – reminiscent of stained glass in some cases. This unique look combined with its excellent beauty makes glass tile an excellent flooring option for any bathroom.

Stone Tile

If you’re interested in getting a natural look for your bathroom, you will find everything to love in stone tile. This flooring option is available in many stunning natural colors and textures, and this array of natural options will make your more muted bathroom really look its best.

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