Renfrew Renovation Contractors

Renfrew Bathroom RenovationsMilowen General Contractor understands that your bathroom and kitchen isnt the same as it was years ago. A remodel project is a crucial investment. We provide certified Renfrew renovation contractors to help protect that investment cost.

We offer tailored to make your home look beautiful. There's something about kitchen and bathrooms that have been upgraded that give them that certain sparkle. We have the solution for your kitchen and bath as we can add or make more space for better organization.

It's our job is to provide you with a completed look to the rooms in your home. Let us start the project today so you can have more time to enjoy it. We will bring back that love and appreciation of the rooms in your home.

You won't be let down by our designers. We can draw up a plan that best fits your needs. Don't waste time with those that are not certified. We want to be your renovation experts who get you what you're looking for.

You'll learn that you can have renovated rooms at pricing that doesn't kill the bank account. Call us today and make arrangements to meet with our professionals. You'll learn a lot from them as we bring the rooms of your home to life.

Renfrew Kitchen Renovations

We have professional kitchen remodeling experts that can turn your kitchen into a dream kitchen. We use only the best materials there are to make your kitchen stand out. We can make the following areas of your kitchen look better:

  • Kitchen Remodeling Plans
  • Permits
  • Demolition
  • Underground plumbing work
  • Design
  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Counter tops

Our Renfrew renovation contractors can handle the entire remodeling process from the first consultation to plumbing jobs. We manage everything and more. Call today and make the magic happen to your kitchen.

Renfrew Bathroom Renovations

Remodeling the bathroom doesn't have to break the wallet. At Milowen General Contractor, we do bathroom renovations that are affordable. We can make that one room of the home that you'll be proud of.

Think in terms of an artists starting out with a blank canvas. It is simply seen as a room with a lot of options. You can create the room you've always wanted. It's something that will pay you back over time as there's no need for costly repairs.

With several design platforms to choose from starting with the modern to old Victorian bathrooms. We can add or take away whatever you need to make your bathroom stand out from anyone you've encountered before.

If you're looking for qualified Renfrew renovation contractors, call Milowen General Contractor. We are professional and always geared to go.

Renfrew, ON

If you're looking for renovations services in Renfrew, call Milowen General Contracting at 613-742-0800, or fill out our online request form.