Ottawa Kitchen Renovation: 7 Trending Design Ideas

Ottawa kitchen renovation - 7 Trending Design Ideas

It won't be long before another year has come and gone. What type of changes do you plan to make in the coming year? Are you looking for design ideas to remodel your kitchen? If so, you'll want to know some trending kitchen design ideas for 2017.

Milowen General Contracting's kitchen design experts want to share some contemporary ideas for your remodeling project.

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Kitchen Cabinet Trends For 2017

The hottest color trends in 2017 are in neutral shades that create a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. It only makes sense that the kitchen cabinets would compliment the color trend. Kitchen cabinets will be popular in white or natural wood with gray increasing as a favorite. The idea is to keep the kitchen design light and simple. Glass front cabinet doors are still chic.

Kitchen Design Trend -Efficiency & Functionality

It's about time that function is recognized as an important trend for kitchen design. Cabinets fitted with lazy Susans, built-in spice racks, pot and pan dividers, and drawer organizers are trending. You'll love incorporating this trend into your new kitchen design.

Built-In Appliances, Sleek Cabinets, Tuxedo Cabinets

Hiding appliances with sleek cabinet styles is a kitchen design trend forecast for 2017. The idea is to blend the appliances into the design of the kitchen. Tuxedo cabinets are cabinets with light on top and dark on bottom or vice versa. They will also be a favorite design element.

Mixing Up The Finishes

Many will be installing appliances with different finishes like copper, pewter, gold, black or white. This is a huge change from the monochromatic stainless steel design that has been trending in the past.

Kitchen features that look like furniture are also being incorporated as part of the trending eclectic kitchen design.

Quartz Countertops Continue To Gain Momentum

Homeowners are still discovering just how beautiful and durable quarts countertops are. Granite was a favorite and still is, but quartz is giving it a run for the money in 2017.

Mixed Metals For Kitchen Design

Metal has always been an important design element. Kitchen designs in 2017 will trend toward mixed metals. Chrome, pewter, stainless steel are the white metals. Gold, copper, brass, bronze, and gold are yellow-toned metals. Black and steel metal finishes look great together with brass. Make your own freestyle metal mix and use hardware for accents.

High-Tech Kitchen Design Trends

Making the kitchen smarter, high-tech kitchen designs are in. Small appliances, wifi-enabled ovens, sound and security centers, refrigerators with cameras, remote control roller shades, and other smart devices will be a great part of the kitchen design plan.

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