Considering A Room Addition or New Construction? Here's What To Expect

Ottawa Room Addition Building a room addition or building new construction is exciting for you as a homeowner, no doubt. But there are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to dive into the process.

A room addition is an excellent choice to make if you need more space. It's much better than moving. And there's nothing better than new construction because you get to create the custom home you've always wanted.

Whether it's a new build or you are adding on, it's a big process. The most important advice you could get is to make sure you get exactly what you want out of the project.

Never settle for anything less than quality construction from contractors that you trust. It's your home and the future of your family you are investing in, so don't let anyone treat you with anything other than respect.

It can be a little intimidating to take on such a project if you've never been through the process before. If you live in the area and need some advice from an Ottawa Renovation expert, feel free to call Milowen General Contracting.

Building Permits For Home Additions & New Construction

Local and state building ordinances are in place for the sake of the homeowner. They ensure that the workmanship is properly done and that building materials are safe. Before work begins, the local code authorities need to issue you a construction permit to do the work. Sometimes a separate permit may be required for plumbing, HVAC, or electrical installations.

Your remodeling or building contractor should handle the permitting for you. Make sure you ask whether or not they do because some leave it up to the homeowner. A contractor who works without a permit usually does so because they either don't want to deal with it or they know their work won't pass inspection. Permitting and passing inspection is ultimately the homeowner's responsibility.

Hiring Your Room Addition Or New Construction Contractor

There's a lot that could be said this topic. Let us keep it simple and advise you to hire a Ottawa general construction contractor instead of separate contractors. The project is fully managed for you by experienced professionals. The general contractor ensures that subcontractors are managed and that every detail of the project goes as planned. When you find a good one, rely on their experience.

What type of contractors will be needed? The typical room addition or new construction job will require the services of:

  • Professional Designer
  • Architect
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Finish Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Drywall Experts
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Framing Contractors
  • HVAC Technicians
  • Flooring Contractors

What To Expect During Construction

Whether you are building a new home or adding on, it can be a fun and exciting process. Most will go into the process will little understanding of exactly what takes place during construction. Here are some things you can expect.

A lot of dust - Dust from sawing and building will be everywhere, especially when it gets to the drywalling process. Whether it's wood dust or the crystal-like fine dust from drywall, you'll probably find dust all over your home.

Unexpected problems - Just about every room addition or new construction project has unexpected problems that are unavoidable. This is another reason you'll want an experienced general contractor for the project. They will know exactly what to do to resolve the issue in the least expensive, most time-efficient manner. You're on your own to deal with problems if you don't have a general contractor.

A little inconvenience - If you are building a room addition, expect to be inconvenienced to some extent. Those more sensitive members of the family may want to stay with extended family until the construction work is completed. It's always better for the decision maker to be home in case the contractor needs to ask questions or discuss issues. If you have a good contractor, they should always be respectful of you, your family, and your home so that interruptions are kept to a minimum.

If you have questions or are looking for a professional Ottawa renovation contractor, call Milowen General Contracting at 613-742-0800, or fill out our online request form.