Common Basement Renovation Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Basement Remodeling Ottawa Above all else, the most important way to avoid making a mistake with your basement renovating project is to make it a point to partner with a professional. Too many homeowners attempt to make this a do-it-yourself project and end up regretting it.

Of course, even when working with an industry expert, you can still make mistakes, although a true pro will help you avoid that. The first step towards success is simply knowing what mistakes can occur so that you can try to avoid it.

Moving Forward With Your Basement Renovating

So you have decided to make the smart choice to change up the basement in your Ottawa home. However, you want to make sure that you are being a wise homeowner and a savvy consumer, and making good decisions, in order to avoid making any serious mistakes.

The only type of basement that can be renovated is a dry one. If you have any moisture present, that needs to be dealt with, first and foremost. It could be something as easy as sealant, or a more serious problem.

That being said, you need to also plan for the possibility of future water emergencies. This is still the lowest level of your home and at least partially underground. So, your basement will still be more prone to flooding, from weather or plumbing. Protect yourself as much as possible with the addition of a sump pump.

You probably spend as little time as possible in your basement the way that it currently stands. Other than storage or laundry, this is usually not a place you would hang out. That means you are not likely to notice how the majority of the mechanical systems in the home all seem to make noise down here. Fail to soundproof your basement and you will certainly notice how noisy it is once you have converted it into a room you'll actually spend time in.

Your basement can feel more enclosed than other parts of the home, even if the space is fairly generous. That's because the ceiling is generally lower, there are usually not many, if any, windows and just subconsciously knowing it's partially submerged underground plays tricks on the mind. The more open a space you can leave it, the better. Too many homeowners try to cram multiple smaller rooms in their basement, making it feel even more cramped.

Find Your Expert

For over a decade now, Milowen General Contracting has been providing the best in renovation work, including basements and additions. We work closely with each client, in order to have a clear line of communication. This not only help prevent mistakes, it ensures your total satisfaction with the completed job.

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